Appletons Creative ​Framers

There are very few artisans that appreciate wood and woodworking like Tom Cayll. 

The wood for most of Tom's creations is collected from all over Middle Tennessee and his keen eye for knowing how to bring the beauty out of each of his works is unique. 

Appletons is pleased to share the skilled craftsmanship of this Middle Tennessee artist and we know you will enjoy using his pieces to decorate your home or office. 

"Honey... I'm Home"...

Do you know where you would "BEE" without honey?
Not as healthy for sure! Pure locally grown honey helps with
allergies, and Appletons is proud to offer locally grown honey from our friends at Lester Apiary. The nicest man... and the nicest honey. Give it a try! 

Appletons...a special place for special things.